Single tooth Implant

Single tooth replacements not only “fill in a gap” in your teeth, they also restore function in your mouth. If you’ve recently lost a tooth, delay in having implant treatment may lead to gum and or bone shrinkage which may complicate future treatment.

The single implant tooth leaves surrounding teeth untouched and generally there is little pain at the time of the procedure and no ongoing discomfort.

Normally there is a four stage process:

  1. Diagnosis and recommendation.
  2. Implant placement which may involve grafting.
  3. Time for healing – generally four to six months.
  4. Placement of the final tooth restoration.

Traditionally implants are placed in the bone and covered over by the gum until they are ready for a tooth to be joined on top. This is always the case when a bone graft is used. We call this a ‘2-stage’ treatment as a separate procedure will be necessary to uncover the implant.

If clinical circumstances allow when the implant is placed it will have a temporary cover that sits above the gum, and this means we do not need a separate procedure to uncover the implant. This is called a ‘1-stage’ treatment.

During treatment for front teeth you won’t be without a tooth as we have many ways to ensure you don’t have a gap while the implant is healing.

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